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Wednesday, 12 November 2014

The project story - part 3 - the first international meeting

Our first international kick-off meeting has been realized successfully. Hurrah!!

I was busy before the meeting – it was very difficult to set a date convenient for everybody, I was busy during the meeting – no celebrations, no sightseeing, only work and I was busy afterwards .. and it will be like this for the next two years. 

But everybody, could you believe: EVERYBODY, is so enthusiastic! We had really excellent meeting: very efficient, smoothly going, fruitful and, above all, very friendly. We have realized our plans completely: agreed on what was to be agreed, share tasks, set deadlines and even manage to discuss the project logo proposals. We choose the Union-Jack-butterfly idea for our logo and Bea (using her widespread connections) declared to work on this. 

And the very next morning – could you imagine! – the butterfly arrived itself – in a very sweet form as our official project cookies. Agnieszka baked them – probably between 3-4 at night.

Definitely the best part of our meeting was a brainstorming session on the first (intellectual) product called modestly “O1”. Ania, the brainstorming leader, developed a very cunning method to provoke our creativity, so it burst like a volcano. We hardly managed to put down what we were inventing!

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  1. Great project, great story! Congratulations!