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Thursday, 5 February 2015

The project story - part 4 - full steam ahead

Everybody is working like a dog; inventing, developing, describing, fixing, negotiating and agreeing…. The rest of administrative papers, procedures, agreements, the first coordinators’ meeting and – of course! – our first (very)intellectual product. The project logo is ready and the project blog launched and even updated. Agnieszka (and of course Andrea, Andrea) has these matters in her grasp.

Procedures, especially evaluational, are becoming so complicated that we will have to develop special procedures how to read and understand them. Not to mention the procedure how to use them. 

The first coordinators’ meeting, which usually consists of asking embarrassing questions, went perfectly well – instead of evasive answers we had percentages and numbers, which are usually associated with the so-called statistics (i.e. officially accepted lies), so everybody felt comfortably. 

And our main task - the resource-pack. Nobody knows exactly what it is but Manuela courageously volunteered to explain it in Szeged, so we all had a sigh of relief. Now we are sniffing out resources -they are everywhere! - and just pack them. Everybody is so active and full of invention that even some deadlines decided not to be dead anymore– they move forward.