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Wednesday, 5 November 2014

The project story - part 1 - InMETE has arrived

My name is InMETE and I come from another  world -  the World of European Projects. This  world is a bit different from yours so don’t be surprised that although I am 55+ I was born quite recently - on the 8 of August 2014. I was conceived on the 30 of April, and led my very nervous prenatal life as an “application” but finally the Polish National Agency decided that I am worthy to live. I was really lucky! 

You may  be curious whether I am a male of a female.. well, there is an equal participation of both sexes ensured in me… but life is life, so if I had a body like you I would look rather odd: female hips and breasts, eyes with unisex make up and finally moustaches and a beard.

I was baptized on 5 of November 2014. The Polish NA was my godmother and she declared to support me  but she demanded from my poor Mothers a financial guarantee that they will bring me up well.

I have lots of Mothers (one of them is even a man) from 3 countries: Poland,  Italy and Hungary,  but  only one  Father  - his name is “Programme Guide” and he is very fat: 267 pages. Don’t ask me about their Honey Moon – it was not honey at all. But anyway I came to existence and now I am very eager and enthusiastic to do everything: Project management and implementation, Transnational Project Meetings, Intellectual Outputs and Multiplier Events.

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  1. Very interesting blog, I'm waiting for next parts of InMete story