Innovative methods for increasing effectiveness of teaching English of 55+ learners

Erasmus+ Project

Key Action 2 –Strategic Partnerships

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Project in brief

Project title:
Innovative methods for increasing effectiveness of teaching English of 55+ learners.

Project acronym:
InMETE 55+

Project duration:
2 years 01.09.2014 – 31.08.2016

Project Partnership:
1. coordinator - The Fullness-Of-Life Academy Association, Poland
2. partner - The Italian Adult Education Union, Italy
3. partner - The Courses Educational and Cultural Association, Hungary

Target groups:
Educators and learners 55+ involved in non-vocational teaching/learning English, organizing in non-profit institutions, and/or non-formal and informal educational groups.

Project background:
Being experienced on the seniors education field, especially languages teaching, Partners already know needs, problems and gaps in the English teaching of 55+ learners. This enabled Partners to identify specific areas where the needs are the most urgent and have not been addressed yet.

Intellectual outputs:

O1 – investigation of possible recourses, materials and ideas which could be used during the English lessons to increase cognitive functions of elderly learners, in particular their attention, emotional involvement, memory functioning, senses and body involvement, communication sensitivity and capability, and also their well-being , preparing a resource-pack

O2 – nine detailed lessons outlines together with teaching/learning materials for teachers and students (each for two levels: beginners and intermediates) including innovative elements taken from external sources like art, historical heritage of our countries, memory rules and methods, music, poetry, dance and para-theatrical forms etc.

O3 – 2 curriculum propositions for beginners and intermediates, for 1 academic year, including above lessons

Project schedule:

September 2014 - general project organisation, signing financial agreement with partners

November 2014 –1 meeting in Poland – preparing project realisation, procedures, plans and other documents,

November, December 2014, - working on O1

January 2015 - working on O1, preparing a resource-pack

February 2015 – 2 meeting in Hungary – discussing results of O1, agree on final version, preparing for O2 +O3 realisation

March, April, May 2015 – working on O2 +O3

June 2015 – 3 meeting in Italy – discussing the O2 +O3 progress, preparing for the next phase

July, August, September 2015 - working on O2 +O3

October 2015 – 4 meeting in Hungary – discussing results of O2 +O3 – preparing for testing

November 2015 – preparing O2 +O3 version for testing, developing a testing procedure

December 2015, January, February 2016 - testing O2 +O3

March 2016 – 5 meeting in Poland - discussing testing results, implementing them into the O2 +O3

April, May 2016 – final testing, preparing dissemination plan and discussing and setting our conditions for open access for materials produced

June 2016 - 6 meeting in Italy – discussing the final version of O2 +O3 and dissemination

July 2016 – separated dissemination events in each country for representative of non-profit institutions, and/or non-formal and informal educational groups organising English classes for seniors – on local/regional/national level

August 2016 - closing project , preparing report

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