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Thursday, 6 November 2014

The project story - part 2 - teams and papers

I have no Mothers anymore, but don’t you worry - they did not disappear, on the contrary, they even multiplied, and became the project teams. They've got new names like project coordinators, product production coordinators, teachers, experts, consultants ... we even have two “beauty of language and creativity officers”, native English speakers, who will organize a kind of a “beauty salon” for me, when needed. Of course we don’t call them like this, they have beautiful real names: Manuela, Bea, Gyongyi (first you have to say Mon Dieu – and then try to pronounce) Ania, Agnieszka, Malwina, Basia, Andrea, Tim and Soren.

As for the creativity ( I would even say an intellectual fertility) I have no worries – my oldest mother, ups… sorry: The Main Project Coordinator, has produced 28 different papers just for the project launching ….it is terrible to think what will come next. 

The others have contributed as well and now we have loads of plans, procedures, lists of obligations, local tasks, partners tasks, documents, different templates, work sheets, time sheets, evaluation and monitoring tools, agreements and reports.. so I know exactly what I have done and what I am doning and what will I do and how, in any situation and who I may ask for help and to whom complain to. Impressive!

My Father remains the same and even gets fatter with new regulations and explanations. But he is good-natured chap and whatever we ask him he always kindly answers.. not himself of course, but through his assistance, whose name is Jakub.

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