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Monday, 4 July 2016

Our final project meeting in Rome

Unfortunately, the end of the project is getting closer and closer ... We had our last international meeting in Rome at the end of May. As usual, the Italian team prepared a perfect programme and involved some of the learners too. We did lots of necessary paperwork, agreed on several tasks that should be done in the coming months before putting an end to the project, were brainstorming on a possible new project, and, what's most fascinating, we organised three mini-lessons for learners too. 

During these 30-minute long lessons teachers from each participating country could demonstrate and try out some activities from our project products. All of the tasks were really successful and the learners enjoyed themselves very much.

You can see how great the atmosphere was during the meeting if you open the photo presentation – in our project Gallery:

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  1. It was a pleasure to participate in this meeting as a learner. It was really funny, I enjoyed it very much. Thanks.